A01 Elucidation of the hyper-adaptation mechanism by reconstruction of bio-structure and challenges for prevention of decline in latent adaptive capacity

Research Outline

Tadashi ISA

In A01, we primarily address the hypothesis that disinhibition of global neural network underlies the reconstitution of the neural structure as a basis of hyper-adaptability. We aim to unravel the mechanism of disinhibition of the neural network through analysis of the rodent, monkey and human brains and propose an effective strategy for functional improvement based on the evidence for the age-related functional deterioration. The mechanism underlying the global disinhibition in the brain is uncovered through long-term and longitudinal analysis of neural and muscular activity in the monkeys before and after the spinal injury using electrocorticography and electromyography. Pathway-specific manipulation and recording in rodents provides the neural substrate which accounts for how the dopaminergic and serotonergic diffuse modulatory system mediate the disinhibition of the global neural networks. Functional magnetic resonance imaging study reveals chronic disinhibitory state in the aged human brain and proposes effective training methods which improves functional deterioration using age-related progress and magnitude of neural disinhibition as an indicator.


Principal investigator Tadashi ISA Professor, Kyoto University
Funded co-investigator Eiichi NAITO Director, CiNet
Hidenori AIZAWA Professor, Hiroshima University
Minoru ASADA Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka University / Vice-President, International Professional University of Technology in Osaka
Hideki NAKANO Associate Professor, Kyoto Tachibana University
Co-investigators Hirotaka ONOE Project Professor, Kyoto University
Satoko KOGANEMARU Program-specific Associate Professor, Kyoto University
Reona YAMAGUCHI Project Assistant Professor, Kyoto University
Ryo SASAKI Assistant Professor, Kyoto University
Atsushi SHIMA Project-specific Assistant Professor, Kyoto University
Kazuki TANAKA Research Assistant, Kyoto University
Satoko UENO PhD Student, Kyoto University
Masahiro MITSUHASHI PhD Student, Kyoto University
Kaoru ISA Technical stuff, Kyoto University
Saya KITAZUME Graduate Student, Kyoto University
Erika OMAE Graduate Student, Kyoto University
Yiping SUN Research Student, Kyoto University
Tomoyo MORITA Senior Researcher, CiNet
Jihoon PARK Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Osaka University
Researcher, CiNet
Tomohiko TAKEI Associate Professor, Tamagawa University
Satoshi HIROSE Associate Professor, Otemon Gakuin University
Miho MATSUMATA Assistant Professor, Hiroshima University
Deepa Kamath
Assistant Professor, Hiroshima University
Takashi HANDA Assistant Professor, Hiroshima University
Gen MIURA Graduate Student, Osaka University
Tomoya FURUTA Graduate Student, Osaka University
Tang Yandi Graduate Student, Osaka University
Fumino FUJIYAMA Professor, Hokkaido University
Huyuki KARUBE Associate Professor, Hokkaido University
Yasuharu HIRAI Assistant Professor, Doshisya University
Fuko KADONO Graduate Student, Hokkaido University