Planned Research

Management Group

X00 Administrative research on hyper-adaptability for overcoming body-brain dysfunction
Principal investigator Jun OTA Professor, The University of Tokyo
Funded co-investigator Tadashi ISA Professor, Kyoto University
Toshiyuki KONDO Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Tetsuro FUNATO Associate Professor, The University of Electro-Communications
Advisory Board Members Yoshikazu UGAWA* Professor, Fukushima Medical University
Makoto KANEKO* Emeritus Professor, Osaka University / Professor, Meijo University
Shigeru KITAZAWA* Professor, Osaka University

*Advisory Board Members have no special interests with our project

Group A

A01 Elucidation of the hyper-adaptation mechanism by reconstruction of bio-structure and challenges for prevention of decline in latent adaptive capacity
Principal investigator Tadashi ISA Professor, Kyoto University
Funded co-investigator Eiichi NAITO Director, CiNet
Hidenori AIZAWA Professor, Hiroshima University
Minoru ASADA Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka University / Vice-President, International Professional University of Technology in Osaka
Hideki NAKANO Associate Professor, Kyoto Tachibana University
A02 Elucidation of neural mechanisms of super-adaptation to body change
Principal investigator Kazuhiko SEKI Director, NCNP
A03 Mechanisms of body cognition and emotion inducing hyper-adaptability
Principal investigator Hiroshi IMAMIZU Professor, The University of Tokyo
Funded co-investigator Ken-Ichiro TSUTSUI Professor, Tohoku University
A04 Alteration of brain dynamics as underlying mechanisms of hyper-adaptability in neurotransmitter disorders
Principal investigator Kaoru TAKAKUSAKI Professor, Asahikawa Medical University
Funded co-investigator Takashi HANAKAWA Professor, Kyoto University

Group B

B01 Systems modelling of hyper-adaptation mechanism for reconstruction of neural structure
Principal investigator Toshiyuki KONDO Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Funded co-investigator Ryusuke CHIBA Associate Professor, Asahikawa Medical University
Megumi MIYASHITA Assistant Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
B02 Modeling of ultra-adaptive to body change
Principal investigator Yasuharu KOIKE Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Funded co-investigator Tetsuro FUNATO Associate Professor, The University of Electro-Communications
B03 Systematic understanding and realization of hyper-adaptive phenomena focusing on cognition and emotion
Principal investigator Hajime ASAMA Professor, The University of Tokyo
Funded co-investigator Jun IZAWA Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba
Qi AN Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo
Wen WEN Associate Professor, Rikkyo University
B04 Modelling of hyper adaptability in human postural control considering the role of neurotransmitters
Principal investigator Jun OTA Professor, The University of Tokyo
Funded co-investigator Arito YOZU Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo

Subscribed Research

A05 Research Group

A05-1 A closed-loop brain stimulation for reinforcing hyper-adaptability
Principal Investigator Yuichi TAKEUCHI Associate Professor, Hokkaido University
A05-2 Comprehensive understanding of the mechanism of adaptive changes in brain, body consciousness and arm use underlying upper limb recovery in stroke patients
Principal Investigator Shinichi IZUMI Professor, Tohoku University
A05-3 Elucidation of neural circuits for optimal adaptation to the external environment
Principal Investigator Rie KIMURA Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo
A05-4 Neural substrate of unified learning theory for adaptive behavior
Principal Investigator Akihiro FUNAMIZU Lecturer, The University of Tokyo
A05-5 Enhanced neuronal circuits for vocal learning with extensive experiences during development
Principal Investigator Yoko Yazaki-Sugiyama Associate Professor, The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University / Project Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
A05-7 Mechanism of Hyper-Adaptivity of the human premotor area: electrophysiological connectomes analysis with electrocorticogram
Principal Investigator Riki MATSUMOTO Professor, Kobe University
A05-8 Interregional brain network dynamics enabling hyper-adaptation from a fear-memory induced maladaptive state.
Principal Investigator Hiroyuki MIYAWAKI Lecturer, Osaka Metropolitan University
A05-9 Research on developing a cognitive rehabilitation method for neurological and psychiatric diseases thorough improving precision on the sense of agency
Principal Investigator Takaki MAEDA Lecturer, Keio University
A05-10 Adaptive mechanisms for perturbations in the neural manifold.
Principal Investigator Tomohiko TAKEI Associate Professor, Brain Science Institute, Tamagawa University
A05-11 Spatio-temporal modulation of disinhibition for super-recovery from motor dysfunction in the chronic phase of stroke
Principal Investigator Hironobu OSAKI Program-Specific Associate Professor, Doshisha University
A05-12 Hyper adaptive changes in spatial recognition
Principal Investigator Rieko OSU Professor, Waseda University
A05-13 Creation of hyper-adaptability by synthetic synaptic organizers and micro-environmental control of neural reconstruction
Principal Investigator Kosei TAKEUCHI Professor, Aichi Medical University
A05-14 Brain reorganization in stroke patients with hyper-recovery by measuring EEG modulation induced by static and dynamic magnetic fields.
Principal Investigator Tatsuya MIMA Professor, Ritsumeikan University
A05-15 Brain adaptation after limb loss
Principal Investigator Atsushi NAMBU Professor, National Institute for Physiological Sciences
A05-16 Adaptive mechanism occurring in both hemispheres after unilateral brain damage
Principal Investigator Noriyuki HIGO Group Leader, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
A05-17 Functional reorganization of motor and somatosensory cortices during recovery of motor functions after the loss of peripheral sensory inputs
Principal Investigator Osamu YOKOYAMA Senior Researcher, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science

B05 Research Group

B05-1 Motor learning of modularity in musculoskeletal models toward the emergence
of muscle synergy
Principal Investigator Mitsuhiro HAYASHIBE Professor, Tohoku University
B05-2 A neural network model for hyper-adaptability of bipedal locomotion
Principal Investigator Naomichi OGIHARA Professor, The University of Tokyo
B05-3 Hyper-adaptation of bodily and neural sensorimotor information structures in early developmental stage
Principal Investigator Hoshinori KANAZAWA Research Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo
B05-4 Low-dimensional functional connectivity across bilateral motor-related areas for hyper-adaptability
Principal Investigator Isao NAMBU Associate Professor, Nagaoka University of Technology
B05-5 Application of motor learning model for partial relationship reuse to reconstruction of muscle synergy
Principal Investigator Yuichi KOBAYASHI Associate Professor, Shizuoka University
B05-6 Hierarchical understanding of adaptation to a new relationship between the eye and the body.
Principal Investigator Michiteru KITAZAKI Professor, Toyohashi University of Technology
B05-7 Supraspinal mechanisms of the human upright postural control based on the EEG dynamics associated with micro-falls
Principal Investigator Taishin NOMURA Professor, Osaka University
B05-8 Higher brain functions as hyper-adaptability: an exploration of the principle of proactive outreach to an indefinite environment
Principal Investigator Kazuhiro SAKAMOTO Associate Professor, Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University
B05-9 Individual differences in suitable neural circuits for attention control and its effect on motor control.
Principal Investigator Takeshi SAKURADA Associate Professor, Seikei University
B05-10 Brain mechanisms for generating exploratory adaptation: Modeling the brain function based on meta-reinforcement learning
Principal Investigator Yuki UEYAMA Associate Professor, National Defense Academy of Japan