X00 Administrative research on hyper-adaptability for overcoming body-brain dysfunction


Our research project aims at the understanding of the principles of hyper-adaptability; a key function of the brain for managing acute/chronic impairments and frailty, on the basis of strong cooperation framework between neuroscience and systems engineering.

In order to promote a smooth research activities of the project, the management group promotes the following three activities.
(1) acceleration of collaborative researches and joint use of the research facilities in the project. (2) promotion of our presence at international conferences and journals. (3) encouragement of the young researches by granting, supporting research abroad, and organizing a young researcher’s group.

This group regularly holds steering committee meetings to determine research policy. At the end of each fiscal year, this group plans to have annual meetings to evaluate the progress of all research projects and enhance mutual collaboration among the researchers. To promote internationalization of the program, the group holds international workshops/symposia occasionally. With regard to outreach activities, the group organizes public symposia, and constantly publishes our activities on the website.


Principal investigator Jun OTA Professor, The University of Tokyo
Funded co-investigators Tadashi ISA Professor, Kyoto University
Toshiyuki KONDO Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Tetsuro FUNATO Associate Professor, The University of Electro-Communications
Co-investigators Kazuhiko SEKI Director, NCNP
Hiroshi IMAMIZU Professor, The University of Tokyo
Kaoru TAKAKUSAKI Professor, Asahikawa Medical University
Yasuharu KOIKE Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hajime ASAMA Professor, The University of Tokyo
Eiichi NAITO Director, CiNet
Takashi HANAKAWA Professor, Kyoto University
Jun IZAWA Associate Professor, University of Tsukuba
Ken-Ichiro TSUTSUI Professor, Tohoku University
Hideki AIZAWA Professor, Hiroshima University
Ryusuke CHIBA Associate Professor, Asahikawa Medical University
Qi AN Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
Arito YOZU Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
Wen WEN Associate Professor, Rikkyo University
Advisory Board Members Yoshikazu UGAWA* Professor, Fukushima Medical University
Makoto KANEKO* Emeritus Professor, Osaka University / Professor, Meijo University
Shigeru KITAZAWA* Professor, Osaka University

*Advisory Board Members have no special interests with our project